more cleaning in trunk

Christian Esken esken at
Mon Feb 27 22:39:52 GMT 2006

Am Sonntag, 26. Februar 2006 17:46 schrieb Scott Wheeler:
> Looking at the top level in trunk, there's some cleaning that I think is 
> appropriate:
> Definitely should go:
> mpeglib/
> mpeglib_artsplug/
> mpg123_artsplugin/
> oggvorbis_artsplugin/
> audiofile_artsplugin/
> (Even if we keep aRts around, those are all deprecated by the aKode plugin)

Sounds sensible.
I for sure don't need any of the above.

> Not sure these are actually relevant enough to port:
> kmid/

Having at least one GUI application for Midi files would be good.
Even if there is currently no acctive maintainer, it shouldn't be dropped. At least not at this point of time.
Rather it should be put on the jobs.html page.


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