Embedding KPart media player, GUI modification?

Carsten Pfeiffer carpdjih at mailbox.tu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 11 22:28:14 GMT 2005

On Friday 11 November 2005 19:36, Ola Theander wrote:


> Thank you for your answer, but how does the Engine connect to a GUI widget,
> i.e. the area for the video playback? I mean, I still want to display the
> video, I just don't want the default buttons of KMPlayer.

ah, good point -- this functionality was designed more for playing audio, than 
video, I suppose.

So, here's another idea:

use KMediaPlayer::Player, give it some dummy parent widget and hide that 
widget. You can access player->view()->videoWidget() and reparent() that to 
your own view. Then, add your own buttons to control the player.

Carsten Pfeiffer
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