Embedding KPart media player, GUI modification?

Ola Theander ola.theander at otsystem.com
Fri Nov 11 18:36:09 GMT 2005

Hi Karsten

Thank you for your answer, but how does the Engine connect to a GUI widget,
i.e. the area for the video playback? I mean, I still want to display the
video, I just don't want the default buttons of KMPlayer.

I'm sorry if this is obvious but I'm pretty new to KDE.

Kind regards, Ola 

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On Thursday 10 November 2005 11:33, Ola Theander wrote:


> The major problem so far has been the video playback widget of the 
> application. The best option I've found so far is to use KPart 
> embedding of the KMPlayer KMediaPlayer::Player implementation but it 
> has a few disadvantages, mainly that some parts of the KMPlayer GUI is 
> also embedded i.e. the Play, Stop etc. buttons. The problem is that 
> the box will be controlled by the operator using a touch screen and 
> the standard buttons of KMPlayer is too tiny to be manageable. My 
> question is thus, is there any way to embed KMPlayer without the GUI, 
> i.e. providing my own buttons for controlling video playback? Is there 
> any other competing technique for embedding/reuse of widgets than KPart
that perhaps is less autonomic?

you might use KMediaPlayer/Engine instead of KMediaPlayer::Player. That way,
you get a Player instance without a GUI, so you can provide your own.


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