[Bug 32504] VCD and DVD support needed in Noatun

Andrew Moon andrewgmoon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 12:23:00 GMT 2005

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I agree with the last poster!

Though Noatun is great program for music and such it is really lacking in the video department. The fact that KDE is incapable of playing DVDs with the base packages (kdemultimedia) is a major blow against it's usefulness as a desktop.

Xine and Mplayer both have the ability to handle DVDs with no difficulty at all. Of course I don't expect KDE to bundle legally questionable decrypters (DVDCSS) as these should be left to the individual users and distros to install.

GNOME has had good DVD support in Totem for ages through it's older Xine and now GStreamer backend. I heard stories a while ago that KDE4 will use GStreamer, is this true and will Noatun have DVD playback support? Seems like a shame to wait until KDE4 is out though.

Ah well, Thanks for Noatun.

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