aRts in trunk

Charles Samuels charles at
Fri Jul 29 21:31:22 BST 2005

Hi Allan,

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> The design is basically flawed for desktop audio since it delegates real-time 
> low-latency work loads through unix pipes to the audio applications. You 
> cannot expect all audio applications to run real-time and you can not expect 
> users to apply custom patches that allow jack to hand out real-time 
> privileges.
> And no matter what KDE does, a pretty GUI can not hide applying kernel patches 
> and a design that is just not suitable for desktop usage.

Thanks for being intelligent enough to point this out.  I hope that
one day, the Linux kernel developers will take this suggestion as well. I
have on numerous occasions said that Mixing belongs in the kernel.  Until
then, every solution will be sub-par.

MacOS X does this, Windows XP does this (and has since '95 with 
directsound, if I understand correctly).  The only OSes that don't do it 
are ones that are designed from the ground up to not be desktop OSes, 
like Linux.

There was a reason, Allan, that I didn't reply to this guy's first email, 
and you'll just end up replying to uninformed comments until the end of 


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