Playlist plugin for Noatun

Felix Berger bflat1 at
Wed Jan 19 22:57:12 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 18:31, Yogesh  Marwaha wrote:
> Hi!
> I am writing a small playlist plugin for noatun. But I am a bit
> stranded in the beginning. I am having problem (rather unsure)
> handling properties. Also, I was unable to find any guide to get me
> started. So, I am working by watching source code of split-playlist
> (which is providing me only a hint of help)
> First, which properties do I need to supply.

I think the url of the file is the most important one. For example you could 
have a constructor like:

MyDataItem(const KURL& url)

and you're ready to go as long as you have implemented all other virtual 
methods. You can have a look at our implementation too if you like:

But beware, our implementation also handles lots of things special to our 
playlist, things you won't have to worry about for a small playlist.

> Second, if it is 100% necessary to fillup properties.

Properties are filled in by various other plugins like the metatag plugin or 
the player itself.

Felix Berger

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