aRts bug squashing

Stefan Westerfeld stefan at
Wed Jan 19 22:14:00 GMT 2005


As aRts will remain in KDE until KDE4, which still a long way off, I
feel a bit unconfortable with knowing that there are supposedly some
serious bugs (random crashes) in the code. At least that is what I
conclude from remarks and bug reports. On the other hand, I currently
don't even have a KDE3 build lying around, and fixing bugs involves not
only committing some code to the CVS, but also testing that they are
really fixed, keeping an eye on issues that bug fixes may involve in the
next releases and possible backporting, and may more things.

To put it briefly: fixing bugs needs some degree of maintenance, which
needs somebody committed to maintaining the code at least for some time.

Thus I had the following idea: if somebody, preferably somebody who
knows C++ and has a CVS account and builds KDE3 from time to time,
could do the following

 - give me an idea which are the most serious reproducable problems (bug
   numbers are enough)
 - test and merge patches I produce
 - actively watch the release process and stuff for some time after the
   patches have been merged

then I could offer to spend a few days on bug squashing, to get at least
the most annoying problems sorted out. As for timing, I currently have
some more work to do for the beast-0.6.5 release, but this should be
finished next week, so I might be able to spend some time on aRts bug
squashing on one or two weekends after that, given that somebody would
be willing to do the required maintainance on the KDE side.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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