aRts bug squashing

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Wed Jan 19 22:41:39 GMT 2005

Hi Stephan, and welcome "back" :)

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 23:14, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
> Thus I had the following idea: if somebody, preferably somebody who
> knows C++ and has a CVS account and builds KDE3 from time to time,
> could do the following
>  - give me an idea which are the most serious reproducable problems (bug
>    numbers are enough)
>  - test and merge patches I produce
>  - actively watch the release process and stuff for some time after the
>    patches have been merged
I am willing to do this. I've monitored all bugs assigned to you for some time 
and fixed of the few bugs I've been able to.

There are three important bugs I would like you to focus on:
Crashing artsdsp: 
VPortConnections connected twice:
artswrapper crashes system:

The problematic part of these is that they have not yet been reliably 
reproducible, and require a very good understanding of aRts internals.

I am really glad you have decided to help out again, it is very appreciated.


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