Towards a common CDDB info UI, starting with kscd.

Shaheed srhaque at
Wed Jan 19 06:26:48 GMT 2005

Hi all,

OK, I think I have done all I wanted to do on this for now:

- libkcddb contains two new classes KCDDB::Categories and KCDDB::Genres which 
support i18n of categories and genres respectively

- libkcddb contains the new base dialog used by kscd and kaudiocreator

- kaudiocreator's encodefile uses KCDDB::Genres

The obvious remaining item is for the amarok folks to maybe incorporate 
KCDDB::Genres into their metadat editor (its just 3 or 4 lines - see 
kaudiocreator's encodefile). And/or add an album level metadata editor based 
on the new common base dialog.

Thanks, Shaheed

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