Towards a common CDDB info UI, starting with kscd.

Benjamin Meyer ben at
Sun Jan 16 22:22:15 GMT 2005

> On Saturday 08 January 2005 13.05, you wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I just committed (what I hope will become) the common CDDB base dialog
> > into kdemultimedia/libkcddb. Its first user is kscd.
> > ...
> > Richard, tell me what you think. Is it good enough to use in
> > kaudiocreator?
> I'm still not really convinced that we want the same dialog in
> kaudiocreator and kscd, but if we want that, I would actually prefer
> something more like the one in kaudiocreator.
> First, the one in kaudiocreator is quite clean, while the one in kscd looks
> too busy, and it has to be huge to be able to display all the information,
> with the default size I only see the track title column.
> And also, it's rather hard to edit information in the one in kscd, you
> can't use the keyboard, and you have to double-click to change something.
> It would be nice to hear what Aaron and Ben thinks about it.

Sorry for the delay, it has been one crazy week.  Did a quick look and I 
noticed right off the bat that Kscd no longer prompts me for which cddb entry 
to select.  Not sure where this went.  It would be cool to have another 
dialog which presents a list on the left and on the right a read-only version 
of this dialog showing that entry.  That can be used to let users pick a cddb 

I am always for re-using dialogs, so some quick comments.

Also in KAudioCreator we support the ability for each track to have its own 
Artist.  This would have to be added.  Probably should add that to libkcddb 

"Revision: X" looks like it is the Disc Id: revision, not the cddb entry 
version.  Maybe change the title or put it somewhere else in the dialog.

What id the difference between Category and Genre?

Maybe change the title from "Cd Database Editor" to "CD Editor"

Have the Fetch and Upload buttons optional in the widget parameters.  
KAudioCreator probably wouldn't use the Fetch. 

-Benjamin Meyer

aka icefox
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