Towards a common CDDB info UI, starting with kscd.

Shaheed srhaque at
Thu Jan 13 07:09:39 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 16:52, Richard Lärkäng wrote:
> I'm still not really convinced that we want the same dialog in
> kaudiocreator and kscd, but if we want that, I would actually prefer
> something more like the one in kaudiocreator.
> First, the one in kaudiocreator is quite clean, while the one in kscd looks
> too busy, and it has to be huge to be able to display all the information,
> with the default size I only see the track title column.

Yes, its bigger because (a) it allows all aspects of the CDDB record to be 
viewed and modified and (b) because it shows all tracks simultaneously. I'd 
be interested to know which fields you might want to suppress: maybe I could 
provide some kind of a bitmask of items which should/should not be displayed?

Mind you, I don't get why, if I have bothered to go into edit mode on a CDDB 
record, I'd want to be hamstrung in my editing efforts by not being able to 
modify whatever the protocol says I can?

On the other hand, its not clear to me that kaudiocreator gets it right 

- Its supposedly minimalist approach is marred by having the per-track artist 
permanently on display; only a tiny fraction of albums fall into the 
semantics defined by CDDB for the use of this field.

- Am I allowed to change the genre/year/album for each track? The UI implies 
that I can.

- I also find the navigation between tracks awkward: when editing an album, I 
prefer to have the context of the other tracks helpful (and its only 10-20 
lines for most albums, with less than 10 visible by default in the new 

> And also, it's rather hard to edit information in the one in kscd, you
> can't use the keyboard, and you have to double-click to change something.

That's a sound point. Let me think on that.../me wnders if there is a standard 
key/accel for opening a record in such places

> It would be nice to hear what Aaron and Ben thinks about it.

Yes, I prefer to have some input especially since Ben has maintained it into 
relatively recent times.

Thanks for the comments so all helps!


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