Towards a common CDDB info UI, starting with kscd.

Shaheed srhaque at
Mon Jan 3 20:07:44 GMT 2005

On Monday 03 January 2005 19:31, Richard Lärkäng wrote:
> One difference between kaudiocreator and kscd is that kaudiocreator has a
> possibility to set different artists for different tracks, which I don't
> think that is necessary in kscd, but very useful in kaudiocreator. Just
> something to keep in mind if you really want to share the ui for both the
> apps.

Actually, I think it is needed for all apps. According to the freedb websote 
(which I generated the tooltips from :-)), its needed for compilations etc. 
For now, I added this info to the tooltip only.

> > The current state is that the .ui file now looks about as complete as I
> > think it needs to be - but actually it isn't yet really updating the
> > previously unsupported fields. I'll do that, along with more testing in
> > the next days.
> >
> > I know that you have been working on updating libkcddb; do you feel there
> > is anything I need to do/not do to avoid getting into trouble with this
> > last step?
> If you haven't, you might want to check out
> which is some guidelines for freedb support, most of it is taken care of by
> libkcddb, but some parts apply to kscd.

Yep, read that before I started coding, but this page is mostly more relevant 
to configuration/messaging than data. I took particular note of the other 
specs for data: I will address confguration later if you don't beat me to it!

> One thing about the UI, I think it would be better if the Category list box
> was a label instead, as you shouldn't change the category on a new
> revision, and instead add the old dialog back for selecting the category
> only once.

Interesting point. The new implementation makes it feely changable - but I 
think you are right, and I will consider adding something to disable this 
once if I can. One issue is that newly created entries have revision 0, not 
1, so that might not be doable until revision gets to 1!

> Also, the genre should be possible to edit freely, I guess setting the
> editable-property to true would be enough.

I understand this is part of the spec, but I actually like the 
kaudiocreator-enforced set, at least for now, since it prevents stupid typos. 
Except that I just realised the strings should not be i18n'd...I'll see if I 
can beat coolo on that!

> And one last thing, the lineedit for changing the year would probably make
> more sense as a spinbox instead.

The range of dates seems too wide for a convenient spinbox (nearly one hundred 
years of recordings, right?). For now, I just added a line-edit with input 

Anyway, all this is subject to change as required.

Thanks, Shaheed

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