Towards a common CDDB info UI, starting with kscd.

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at
Mon Jan 3 21:06:38 GMT 2005


On Monday 03 January 2005 21.07, Shaheed wrote:
> > If you haven't, you might want to check out
> >
> > which is some guidelines for freedb support, most of it is taken care of
> > by libkcddb, but some parts apply to kscd.
> Yep, read that before I started coding, but this page is mostly more
> relevant to configuration/messaging than data. I took particular note of
> the other specs for data: I will address confguration later if you don't
> beat me to it!

Yeah, mostly mentioned it because of the two suggestions I wrote later.
About the configuration, I think all of it is done except for the ability to 
set the cgi-path for HTTP access.

> > Also, the genre should be possible to edit freely, I guess setting the
> > editable-property to true would be enough.
> I understand this is part of the spec, but I actually like the
> kaudiocreator-enforced set, at least for now, since it prevents stupid
> typos.

But if you set it to editable I think (not sure) that you'll get completion on 
the entries that are already there.

> > And one last thing, the lineedit for changing the year would probably
> > make more sense as a spinbox instead.
> The range of dates seems too wide for a convenient spinbox (nearly one
> hundred years of recordings, right?). For now, I just added a line-edit
> with input mask.

Yeah, but you're still able to edit a spinbox just like a lineedit, and also 
get the possibility to change years with the mouse, I can't see how that 
would be bad.

> Thanks, Shaheed


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