Towards a common CDDB info UI, starting with kscd.

Shaheed srhaque at
Mon Jan 3 17:53:29 GMT 2005


I have been working on bringing the CDDB info UI in kscd to a more functional 
state (with the secondary hope that it may form the beginning of a common 
CDDB info UI for all kdemultimedia apps).

The current state is that the .ui file now looks about as complete as I think 
it needs to be - but actually it isn't yet really updating the previously 
unsupported fields. I'll do that, along with more testing in the next days.

I know that you have been working on updating libkcddb; do you feel there is 
anything I need to do/not do to avoid getting into trouble with this last 

Thanks, Shaheed

P.S. please CC me on any replies to the list!

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