Krec help!

Barry barrymac at
Mon Nov 15 20:34:18 GMT 2004

Much appreciated for the help Arnold.
I discovered that they were tar balls ok and I think I will be using
something else in future for definite. But I do like the fact that it
has a compressor on it. That is very handy for live recordings. I hope
I can find something else with a compressor that scales more
gracefully. It wouldn't have these problems if you had the option to
turn off the tar zipping of the data.

I still have one file, the 1.4 Gb one but unfortunately I'm going to
have to do some recovery magic on the larger 3.6 gb one because that
just vanished. Of course I was using a reiser4 partition so I don't
know how I'm going to get it back. I think I'll give Hans Reiser the
$25 for a support request as I've tried what I can on a copy of the
partition to no avail.

I had a look at audacity but the levels were too high coming in and
the recdording was clipped even when turned down. I had some problem
installing sweep and didn't have time to try and fix it. But I hadn't
heard of rezound so I'll give that a look too.

Thanks for the tip with opening the raw file in audacity, I had
presumed that the headers would be necessary for that to work but I
should have tried it.

I'll post back with my progress, I'm sure people might like to know
how to recover files from resier4 if I find out.

God Damn it was a great set so wish me luck.

See you,

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 21:12:37 +0100, Arnold Krille <arnold at> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Monday 15 November 2004 16:08, Barry wrote:
> > I used Krec to record an excellent live set including a brilliant demo
> > by somebody
> > new, and it seems like it couldn't handle the size of the file. When I
> > tried to save the file then it deleted the tmp file for one (3.6Gb)
> > and can't open another (1.4Gb). I will be murdered if I can't retrieve
> > these excellent recordings, please help!
> You still have the krec-file? If yes, you can open it with ktar or untar it
> directly on the commandline-interface. KRec simply uses Tar (and gzip) to
> pack a directory with several soundfiles and a configurationfile. The
> soundfiles are raw wave, no *.wav. But audacity (and other programs) will
> open them with the right parameters (sampling rate, bit depth, mono/stereo),
> you can find the parameters in the config-file if I remember correctly.
> I know KRec has problems with big files but that is afaik a problem of the
> used kde parts (KTempDir and KTar(?)). And you need as much free space on
> your temp-partition as the krec-file is big after unzipping and untarring...
> One last comment: Use a proper audio-program for big recordings like audacity,
> sweep, rezound...
> Ask back for questions,
> Arnold
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