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Mon Nov 15 20:54:16 GMT 2004


On Monday 15 November 2004 21:34, Barry wrote:
> I discovered that they were tar balls ok and I think I will be using
> something else in future for definite. But I do like the fact that it
> has a compressor on it. That is very handy for live recordings.

I know ;-) thats why I added it. But I used i mainly for small recordings...

> I hope 
> I can find something else with a compressor that scales more
> gracefully. It wouldn't have these problems if you had the option to
> turn off the tar zipping of the data.

Here is my live-setup for recording:
- jackd (started via qjackctl)
- timemachine for _very_ simple recording. This app consists of a big big 
button and levelmeters for every channel. Nothing more, the files are namber 
with a prefix and the time and date.
- A xterm with alsamixer for direct hardware control.
- No kde since my laptop is not the newest and I don't want the overhead...

This could be extended with a jack-rack to use a compressor and effects or 
even better with jamin, the best free mastering tool in the world.

URL: - there you will find jack and applications using 
jack, including the named ones...

Stay tuned,

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