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Mon Nov 15 20:12:37 GMT 2004


On Monday 15 November 2004 16:08, Barry wrote:
> I used Krec to record an excellent live set including a brilliant demo
> by somebody
> new, and it seems like it couldn't handle the size of the file. When I
> tried to save the file then it deleted the tmp file for one (3.6Gb)
> and can't open another (1.4Gb). I will be murdered if I can't retrieve
> these excellent recordings, please help!

You still have the krec-file? If yes, you can open it with ktar or untar it 
directly on the commandline-interface. KRec simply uses Tar (and gzip) to 
pack a directory with several soundfiles and a configurationfile. The 
soundfiles are raw wave, no *.wav. But audacity (and other programs) will 
open them with the right parameters (sampling rate, bit depth, mono/stereo), 
you can find the parameters in the config-file if I remember correctly.

I know KRec has problems with big files but that is afaik a problem of the 
used kde parts (KTempDir and KTar(?)). And you need as much free space on 
your temp-partition as the krec-file is big after unzipping and untarring...

One last comment: Use a proper audio-program for big recordings like audacity, 
sweep, rezound...

Ask back for questions,


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