Arts for X thin clients

Chris de Vidal chris at
Mon Mar 29 17:18:47 BST 2004

Lars Bungum said:
> On Sat, 2004-03-20 at 21:13, Chris de Vidal wrote:
>> Arts 1.2.1
>> KDE 3.2.1
>> I've Googled, I've read the Arts FAQ, I've searched this mailing list,
>> but
>> I cannot seem to enable ArtsD over a network.  Perhaps I've missed
>> something.
>> I have an X thin client.  The .mcoprc has had both
>> GlobalComm=Arts::X11GlobalComm (which prevents artsd from starting) and
>> GlobalComm=Arts::TmpGlobalComm.  I run artsd -n -F 5 -S 8192 & then X
>> -query <X terminal server>.
>> On the X terminal server, artsd is set in the KDE control panel not to
>> start.  The .mcoprc matches on both ends.
>> XMMS dies and says there is no sound server running.
>> Argggg!
>> Ideas?
> Chris,
> I've been struggling to get this to work for so long.   Therefore I ask
> you - did you get anywhere with this?  My problem is that I don't
> understand the authorization part at all.
> I log in as root on my (diskless) think client.  Is that a problem, for
> instance?
> Hope someone answers. :)

I haven't gotten _any_ answer.  When I read similar threads on this list I
see no answers.  It's almost as if the KDE people know it's broken but
aren't saying so :-/

I did find a page for LTSP on recompiling arts with nas support.  It's an
ugly hack but it should do what we want it to do (although I haven't had
time to try it).  Here's the page:

Here is a mirror of this entire page on my website (in case it dissapears):

Even if you're not using LTSP (try it; I understand it's very nice), this
still might be helpful for what you're trying to do.


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