Arts for X thin clients

Chris de Vidal chris at
Sat Mar 20 20:13:56 GMT 2004

Arts 1.2.1
KDE 3.2.1

I've Googled, I've read the Arts FAQ, I've searched this mailing list, but
I cannot seem to enable ArtsD over a network.  Perhaps I've missed

I have an X thin client.  The .mcoprc has had both
GlobalComm=Arts::X11GlobalComm (which prevents artsd from starting) and
GlobalComm=Arts::TmpGlobalComm.  I run artsd -n -F 5 -S 8192 & then X
-query <X terminal server>.

On the X terminal server, artsd is set in the KDE control panel not to
start.  The .mcoprc matches on both ends.

XMMS dies and says there is no sound server running.



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