JuK 3.2.1 tag reading issues?

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sun Mar 14 19:22:27 GMT 2004

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This is a duplicate of bug #76848.  See 

If you're particularly interested you can upgrade to TagLib CVS which fixes 
this issue.

- -Scott

On Thursday 11 March 2004 10:02, Adar Dembo wrote:
> Hi guys,
> 	I'm new here, and after reading the kde-multimedia FAQ, the KDE Help 
> Center documentation for JuK, and visiting various IRC channels, I still 
> could not solve my problem. I don't know whether this ought to be a bug 
> report or not, so here goes.
> 	I began running KDE when it was version 3.1.5, and JuK when it was 
> 1.95. Now I'm on KDE 3.2.1 and JuK 2.0. The problem I'm experiencing 
> relates to how JuK reads ID3 tags from the MP3.
> 	I've got an SMB share on another computer with all of my MP3's, and as 
> JuK scans through them, the tags of about half are correctly parsed and 
> displayed, while half are not. The interesting thing is that in 1.95, 
> ALL of my mp3's were correctly displayed. After examining several of the 
> bad MP3's with some ID3 tag editors, I think I have the answer. Certain 
> editors were able to show the ID3 tag just fine, while others said no 
> ID3 tag existed. Finally, eyed3, when run on one of them, said "cannot 
> handle id3v2.2 tags". My best guess, then, is that these mp3 id3 tags 
> are indeed v2.2, and from browsing around the web I guess that JuK can't 
> read such tags. Check out http://disgruntle.us/blog/ (scroll down to 
> "Mystery Solved") to see what I mean.
> 	I'm still baffled, however, since with 1.95 these MP3's WERE being 
> correctly displayed. Was their information being read from the tag? Or 
> from the filename? I'm leaning towards tag, since the filename for some 
> doesn't contain the track number, yet the track number was shown in JuK. 
> Any JuK maintainers care to comment? I would be happy to send you a 
> sample of my functioning/non-functioning MP3's.
> -Adar
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