welldone. JuK almost usable. roll on kde 3.3.

Caoilte O'Connor me at caoilte.org
Thu Mar 11 14:26:39 GMT 2004

I just tried out JuK and was very impressed. It's come a 
long way since I tried it under 3.1. It now scans my mp3 
collection without crashing for instance (though still not 
as fast as rhythmbox).

Sadly it's still got one niggling feature too annoying to 
make me switch over.

The GStreamer plugin still doesn't work consistently enough 
(on my sid system at least) and Artsd still habitually runs 
at 20% of CPU so there is no stable audio out. 

Other people seem to experience crashes with GStreamer, I 
just get JuK hanging for about 90 seconds every time it 
switches tracks. I'll try filing a bug later, but I just 
wanted to say - otherwise a great job.

I'd switch over if I could,


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