JuK 3.2.1 tag reading issues?

Adar Dembo adar at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 11 09:02:33 GMT 2004

Hi guys,

	I'm new here, and after reading the kde-multimedia FAQ, the KDE Help 
Center documentation for JuK, and visiting various IRC channels, I still 
could not solve my problem. I don't know whether this ought to be a bug 
report or not, so here goes.

	I began running KDE when it was version 3.1.5, and JuK when it was 
1.95. Now I'm on KDE 3.2.1 and JuK 2.0. The problem I'm experiencing 
relates to how JuK reads ID3 tags from the MP3.

	I've got an SMB share on another computer with all of my MP3's, and as 
JuK scans through them, the tags of about half are correctly parsed and 
displayed, while half are not. The interesting thing is that in 1.95, 
ALL of my mp3's were correctly displayed. After examining several of the 
bad MP3's with some ID3 tag editors, I think I have the answer. Certain 
editors were able to show the ID3 tag just fine, while others said no 
ID3 tag existed. Finally, eyed3, when run on one of them, said "cannot 
handle id3v2.2 tags". My best guess, then, is that these mp3 id3 tags 
are indeed v2.2, and from browsing around the web I guess that JuK can't 
read such tags. Check out http://disgruntle.us/blog/ (scroll down to 
"Mystery Solved") to see what I mean.

	I'm still baffled, however, since with 1.95 these MP3's WERE being 
correctly displayed. Was their information being read from the tag? Or 
from the filename? I'm leaning towards tag, since the filename for some 
doesn't contain the track number, yet the track number was shown in JuK. 
Any JuK maintainers care to comment? I would be happy to send you a 
sample of my functioning/non-functioning MP3's.


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