[Bug 76161] 48000 Hz mp3 plays extremely choppy

Allan Sandfeld kde at carewolf.com
Tue Mar 9 10:15:27 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From kde carewolf com  2004-03-09 11:15 -------
aRts is a soundserver, in order to mix all kinds of inputs it needs a basic output format. The default is 44100, but you can force it to use 48000 (in which case 44100 samples will be resampled). It might be better to use 48000, as the resampling will then be an upsampling and not a downsampling, but I havent tested the resampling quality in aRts.

Btw. are you certain you are have mpeglib_artsplugin installed? If not you might be using the internal GSL-plugin in arts which is known to suck.

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