kde app with a gstreamer backend

Mike McLean libolt at libolt.net
Tue Jun 1 21:33:14 BST 2004


I'm new to kde development and am working on an audio application that uses a 
KDE frontend with a gstreamer backend.  I've gotten to where I can load 
files, and have gstreamer play the audio.  However, I am having problems 
deleting the stream when it finishes playing.

I am not using the gstreamer wrapper as it doesn't appear to compile against 
gstreamer 0.8.1.  I've tried the one from kdenonbeta, if there is a more up 
to date version a pointer would be most helpful.

I have setup an end of stream callback within the gstreamer code, but I'm 
struggling to figure out what to put in it that I can catch on the kde side.  
I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but any help would be greatly 


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