amaroK 1.0-beta4 released

Mark Kretschmann markey at
Tue Jun 1 19:07:47 BST 2004

The amaroK team announces version 1.0-beta4 of the amaroK audio player

This release will probably be the last beta version before the 1.0 final 

Please also note our relaunched website, located at the new domain

  ADD: CollectionDB now caches and rescales images. This binds cover art
       usage in amaroK to the collection, but offers greatly improved speed
       for cover retrieval and uses less memory.
  FIX: Cover not shown in ContextBrowser, when song gets played for the first
       time ever (BR 81241).
  ADD: Cover art fetcher, downloads album cover images from
  ADD: Configure->Playback->Device && default device option for audiosinks.
  ADD: ContextBrowser now also shows your overall-favorites and the newest
       tracks in your collection. 
  FIX: Decode %-encoded characters in filenames, like %2f for a slash.
       (BR 74576).
  CHG: Songs you click in ContextBrowser will now directly start to play and
       won't be added to the playlist, if they already are there.
  FIX: "Start Scan" menu-entry gets disabled while scanning. (BR 81619).
  FIX: Directories with non-ascii chars don't get scanned (CB) in multibyte
  CHG: Enhanced "Fill-Down" feature for track column (auto-increment)
       (BR 81194).
  FIX: Closing xmms-visualizations freezes amaroK (BR 81326).
  FIX: CollectionBrowser does not sort by tracknumber (BR 79600).
  FIX: ContextBrowser's URLRequests need to be escaped.
  FIX: Always show OSD (if enabled) on volume changes.
  FIX: Filtering the collection using tokens with number(s) at the beginning
       or end failed. (BR 81621).
  FIX: FileBrowser didn't remember its current folder (BR 81816).
  ADD: Expand/collapse items by doubleclicking in Collection (BR 81710).
  FIX: Allow OSD still to be shown via shortcut when disabled (BR 80388). 
  FIX: Collection: live-monitoring dirs for changes works again.
  FIX: Changing volume by mousewheel on systray icon works again.
  ADD: Collection automatically rescans itself on startup.
  ADD: "Add to Playlist" feature in CollectionBrowser, appends tracks
       to playlist.
  ADD: Clear button for CollectionBrowser search.
  FIX: Problem with invisible "Play next" marker in playlist.
  FIX: Don't try to create sql-tables on every startup, but only on
       sql-scheme (DATABASE_VERSION) changes.
  FIX: Display splash screen on correct desktop with Xinerama.
  CHG: CollectionBrowser filter now works in "search-as-you-type" mode.
  FIX: Prevent TitleProxy from showing the same metadata over and over.
  FIX: Compatibility bugfixes to TitleProxy, thanks to Daniel Molkentin
       <danimo at>. I think we've now got 100% Shoutcast compatibility.
  ADD: Allow changing volume by using the mousewheel anywhere on the toolbar.
  FIX: Wheel-scrolling toolbar's volume slider doesn't change volume
       (BR 81155).
  FIX: ContextBrowser is now shown in proper colors for every scheme.
  CHG: Added track's physical location to the Meta Information dialog.
  FIX: Show last playtime in localtime instead of UTC.
  FIX: ContextBrowser not showing all items for current album.
  FIX: Not all SQL queries were "string-escaped".
  ADD: Added statistics database, which keeps track of how often and when
       you play a specific song.

The amaroK team

IRC : #amarok
D/L :
MAIL: amarok-devel at

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