KDE 4 Multimedia: The Answer

Marco Lohse mlohse at cs.uni-sb.de
Wed Feb 25 09:10:50 GMT 2004

Alexander Neundorf wrote:

>On Tuesday 24 February 2004 12:16, Gioele Barabucci wrote:

>>The one MNN provides. The one MNN provides _now_ and GStreamer _will_
>>provide in a few releases (maybe the gst one will be even better, I'm not
>>an expert, I can't judge).
>I don't have anything against NMM, but since it is a university project, could 
>it be possible that the responsible professors might want to keep some 
>control over the project ? Which means that it might happen that someday not 
>practical issues might be the most important for them ?
well, certainly, we - the developers of NMM - would like to keep control 
over the NMM project, that would be fair, wouldn't it?  I guess this is 
also true for all other developers of all other projects ;)

Then: I hope that NMM is well-designed enough, that we can do anything 
we would like to do with NMM for our research, and at the same time, KDE 
(or anyone else), will be able to do all usual "practical" multimedia 
stuff with NMM. We are no weird scientists that try to playback audio 
files the other way round (although this should be interesting for some 
early 70ies records...;)

Have fun, Marco.

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