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Oliver Bausinger bausi at bausi.org
Mon Feb 23 22:06:50 GMT 2004

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On Monday 23 February 2004 17:49, Zack Rusin wrote:

> I'd love to see some head-to-head comparison of NMM vs. GStreamer. The
> reason why I'm not jumping to GStreamer too quickly is simply because
> just like NMM is not really used. Like someone said on this list all
> the apps using it pretty much suck at it, which I'm not sure is a
> positive point for GStreamer or a negative one. The spider idea is
> pretty nice and I don't mind the api too much but it's pretty much a
> no-brainer that api wise I'd take NMM anytime over GStreamer even with
> Tim's bindings.

As you refer to my comment of "crappy" frontends, I should clarify a bit:
I tested the development release 0.7.4, and there was no working release of 
gst-player for it, and gst-player CVS didn't work for me either. 
This other thing I tested was the "experimental" labeled port of totem to 
gstreamer which I couldn't get to work properly. But as gst-launch worked, I 
didn't care further. 
So don't take it negative for GStreamer if some CVS version of a frontend 
doesn't work :-)

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