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Miles Stevenson miles at mstevenson.org
Fri Dec 10 22:34:57 GMT 2004

Does anyone else notice problems with JuK's random play being not so random? 
It tends to prefer playing about 15 of the 120 or so albums that I have, and 
even only 2-3 tracks from each of those albums.  When I leave it on random 
play, I only hear something outside of those tracks at about a 1:10 ratio. 
The other nine tracks are almost always out of that set of about 50-60 tunes.

I mentioned this to Nathan Toone a while ago, and he said it looked like both 
JuK and Amarok are using the same algorithms for random play, but Amarok 
seems to be much better at it. Maybe the JuK code isn't using the algorithms 
properly? I prefer JuK, but I always end up loading Amarok back up because I 
get sick of listening to the same 50 tracks over and over. 

At the very least when JuK is on random play, I think it should remember the 
previous tracks it's already played out of my collection and not repeat those 
until it has run through the entire collection. Maybe even have a 
user-configurable option to keep track of what has already been played out of 
each collection/playlist to disk whenever JuK exists, so that when I reboot 
my machine and resume random play, I'm still not listening to the same tunes 
I just played a few hours ago. In fact, I'll go ahead and post this as a 
feature request. 

I am running both JuK and Amarok from CVS-HEAD. I don't want to post this as a 
bug yet because I've only seen 1 other person complain about this. Anyone 
else having these problems?

Miles Stevenson
miles at mstevenson.org
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