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Sat Dec 4 10:55:07 GMT 2004

On Friday 03 December 2004 17:16, Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> why does nobody think of continuing the development of aRts?

Because many tried to, but nobody succeeded. There can only be one Stefan ;-)
No for real: Maintaining a project as aRts is not a small job and aRts has 
several problems that need to be fixed before we should consider using it in 
KDE 4 again. (see stw's page:

Stefan fixed some of these problems in the beast engine (it uses some of the 
concepts of aRts, AFAIK).

> Recently, I decided to use aRts exclusively for all sound synthesis I
> wanted to do, so Stefan Westerfeld's news were really bad new for me.
>  aRts' extensible modular approach is really nice and aRts provides a good
> KDE user interface.  Okay, there are other solutions for modular synthesis
> around, but is there one which is probably maintained for the next years
> and whose UI integrates with KDE?

Yes, I think aRts is really a nice synth, but one thing I was missing all the 
time was feedback loops. Too bad that the scheduler never was able to handle 
them again (it was in pre-KDE days).

> While the technology behind BEAST may be good, the screenshots on the BEAST
> website look terrible.  Look at the connection lines which cross the module
> icons!  I also don't like to disturb my KDE desktop with Gtk programs.

Well, like Stefan says:
"As it seems a bit inconsequent to switch from KDE to Gtk based development to 
some people, I can help to provide what needs to be provided to develop 
applications based on the BEAST synthesis core - BSE - with Qt, if somebody 
is interested in working on a Qt GUI. I have put some work into plain C++ 
language bindings already."

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