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Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at
Sat Dec 4 15:02:47 GMT 2004

Am Samstag, 4. Dezember 2004 11:55 schrieb Matthias Kretz:
> [...]

> Well, like Stefan says:
> "As it seems a bit inconsequent to switch from KDE to Gtk based development
> to some people, I can help to provide what needs to be provided to develop
> applications based on the BEAST synthesis core - BSE - with Qt, if somebody
> is interested in working on a Qt GUI. I have put some work into plain C++
> language bindings already."


maybe I would like a Qt interface more than a Gtk interface but what I'd 
really like to have would be a KDE interface.  Not just the widget kit is 
important.  There are other areas (like MIME bindings, for example) where it 
is important for me that the application integrates well with KDE.

Best wishes,

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