Adding flac-support to kde-multimedia?

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Fri Sep 12 00:07:35 BST 2003

On Friday 12 September 2003 00:09, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> > > I haven't looked at kfile_plugin/ogg for KDE 3.2 yet but KDE 3.1's
> > > information looks like it should have the same amount of information
> > > for flac and speex as well. Unless it happens to be really hard to get
> > > the technical details from those streams?
> >
> > It's not. I can find most of the information you mention below.
> ...and I have a generic parser / renderer for Xiph style comments, which
> Ogg/ Speex and Ogg/FLAC use along with parsing / (mostly working) rendering
> code for Ogg pages.  It's just a matter of adding one new (small) subclass
> to specify in which Ogg packet the comments for those formats with be in.
> Please see my mentions of TagLib on the multimedia list for more.  To put
> this another way -- if the other stuff is ready and added to the feature
> plan, I can take care of the meta-data stuff.
Sounds great. The playback is ready, I just need someone to test it and 
recommend it to coolo (it can be found in kdenonbeta at the moment). I am 
working on a patch for juk, but motivation isnt too high if playback isnt 
going to be accepted, and I havent got any feedback since commiting it.

Btw. found another wishitem for flac in juk, where you wrote about 
implementing flac for gstreamer only. Did it get anywhere?

> > > Meta Info (Tab):
> I'm not sure how you mean "coordinated".  You mean using the same field
> names? Well, that's just a matter of if you try to make things sound
> "correct" for the format or use generic terms.  I'm in favor of generic
> terms...  (And in fact in TagLib you can use the same API to get to these
> fields regardless of audio format.)
I mean generic names. I am thinking of the info-view in konqueror and using it 
for indexing music.

> > > Technical Details (Box):
> > > Average bitrate:
> >
> > This is rather difficult to get out of flac, but you can always take
> > file-length and divide it with time (which you get from #samples/
> > sample-rate).
> Sounds like the MPEG problem.  I presume Ogg/FLAC will have a "setup
> header" that specifies this.
Not that I know of. The STREAMINFO metadata in FLAC only contains number of 
samples and sample-information. Not much about how it looks after encoding. 
And the API for oggflac and flac is the same. 


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