Adding flac-support to kde-multimedia?

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Thu Sep 11 23:09:30 BST 2003

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On Thursday 11 September 2003 23:12, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:

> If we had semi-parallel 3.3 and 4.0 efforts, we could have more feature- and 
> usability-development. (and we wouldn't leave our users cold and feature-
> less again :)

It's hard to coordinate two branches, suggesting a third -- with two branches 
having new features development, well, isn't really practical.  Ask the KMail 
developers how much fun that is.

[end the part relevant to core-devel, hopefully moving this discussion to kde-

> >
> > I haven't looked at kfile_plugin/ogg for KDE 3.2 yet but KDE 3.1's
> > information looks like it should have the same amount of information
> > for flac and speex as well. Unless it happens to be really hard to get
> > the technical details from those streams?
> >
> It's not. I can find most of the information you mention below.

...and I have a generic parser / renderer for Xiph style comments, which Ogg/
Speex and Ogg/FLAC use along with parsing / (mostly working) rendering code 
for Ogg pages.  It's just a matter of adding one new (small) subclass to 
specify in which Ogg packet the comments for those formats with be in.

Please see my mentions of TagLib on the multimedia list for more.  To put this 
another way -- if the other stuff is ready and added to the feature plan, I 
can take care of the meta-data stuff.

> > Meta Info (Tab):
> >
> > Comment (Box):
> > Title:
> > Artist:
> > Album:
> > Track Number:
> >
> OT: Why isn't this info coordinated with the mp3-infos?
> (which are also called the id3v1.1 group even if they can get them from 
> id3v2) 

I'm not sure how you mean "coordinated".  You mean using the same field names?  
Well, that's just a matter of if you try to make things sound "correct" for 
the format or use generic terms.  I'm in favor of generic terms...  (And in 
fact in TagLib you can use the same API to get to these fields regardless of 
audio format.)

> > Technical Details (Box):
> > Average bitrate:
> This is rather difficult to get out of flac, but you can always take 
> file-length and divide it with time (which you get from #samples/
> sample-rate).

Sounds like the MPEG problem.  I presume Ogg/FLAC will have a "setup header" 
that specifies this.

> > Length:
> > Channels:
> > Nominal bitrate:
> There is no such thing for flac.
> > Version:
> I would replace this rather pointless information with the stream-type 
> (vorbis/flac/speex).
> > Sample rate:
> Sure and I would add bit precision as well.
> The informations that would be problematic are more such as upper and lower 
> bitrates which arent even used for most vorbis-streams. But I am starting to 
> thing that if they are optional on file-basis, I could keep them and even 
> add flac-specific info as well.
> `Allan (who's getting a feeling he going into multimedia-maintenance soon)

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