Adding flac-support to kde-multimedia?

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Thu Sep 11 08:23:33 BST 2003

On Tuesday 09 September 2003 08:53, Chris Cheney wrote:
> Allan,
> Can you add support to play ogg flac files as well? Ogg Flac support was
> added to the flac libraries with the 1.0.4 release on Sept 24 2002. Also
> With the new Ogg Vorbis 1.0.1 release (due out any day now) ogg123 will
> be able to play them so it would be nice if KDE could as well. :)
> I assume Ogg Flac's would use the kfile_plugin/ogg so it would need to be
> extended to recognize flac streams and report information on them.
Yes, it would be very nice :)
Unfortunately the changes needed are a bit too invasive for what is left of 
the KDE 3.2 time-frame. Basically I need to rewrite our ogg-vorbis support, 
since it is assumed quite a lot of places that an ogg-file is also a 
vorbis-stream. Also the kfile_plugin/ogg informations will be severly limited 
since a lot of the informations doesnt make any sense for streams other than 
For post-3.2 I plan to rewrite part of the ogg123-code in mpeglib, this will 
beside oggflac-support also give speex-support

For 3.2 I will stick with pushing a small non-invasive plugin for ordinary 


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