Patch for Noatun's Split Playlist

Stefan Gehn sgehn at
Thu May 15 19:59:43 BST 2003


On Monday May 5 2003 01:21, Nathaniel W. Turner wrote:
> then patched away my problems.  Then I wrote a short document explaining
> [...]
> Perhaps someone will find all or part of it useful.

Ok, I have it added to my FlexPlaylist but I don't really understand your new 

Why do you have both actions for the whole list and for selected items in the 
"Edit" menu? I think putting all actions working on the whole list (add 
files, add dirs, shuffle list, search in list, save, open, ...) in the "File" 
menu and put all actions that act on selected/current item(s) into the "Edit" 
menu. Maybe "Edit" should get renamed to something else. Or rename "File" to 
I don't really know what to do but I'm open to any kind of comment how to 
group all these actions.

If I get this sorted out I'll release FlexPlaylist 0.3 with your changes + 
some other neat things I have here (for instance it's finally possible to 
edit shortcuts for my playlist, I love to hit '+' to add files *g*).

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