Patch for Noatun's Split Playlist

Nathaniel W. Turner nate at
Sun May 18 04:31:13 BST 2003


On Thursday 15 May 2003 02:59 pm, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> Ok, I have it added to my FlexPlaylist but I don't really understand your
> new menu-sorting.
> Why do you have both actions for the whole list and for selected items in
> the "Edit" menu? I think putting all actions working on the whole list (add
> files, add dirs, shuffle list, search in list, save, open, ...) in the
> "File" menu and put all actions that act on selected/current item(s) into
> the "Edit" menu. Maybe "Edit" should get renamed to something else. Or
> rename "File" to "Playlist".
> I don't really know what to do but I'm open to any kind of comment how to
> group all these actions.

Well... let's see.  What was I thinking, back 6 months ago...?  I think I was 
trying to follow the KDE UI Guidelines.  For the Edit menu, they say "All 
actions available in the Edit menu manipulate elements of the content area 
(nothing else!)." [1]  As adding or removing files is one of the main ways 
one manipulates the content area of the playlist, I felt those actions 
belonged there.  I don't think they belong in the File menu, which I think is 
for things that operate on the document as whole (things like saving, 
exporting, printing, etc.).

Some applications have an "Insert" menu (KWord, for example), which has 
actions that insert content from external sources; perhaps you might want to 
take this approach?

> If I get this sorted out I'll release FlexPlaylist 0.3 with your changes +
> some other neat things I have here (for instance it's finally possible to
> edit shortcuts for my playlist, I love to hit '+' to add files *g*).


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