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Tue Feb 25 01:01:21 GMT 2003

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On Monday February 24, 2003 04:29, David Bishop wrote:
> On Monday 24 February 2003 07:48 am, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
> > artsplay is the wrong thing to try out PlayObjects. It is hardcoded to
> > use Arts::Synth_PLAY_WAV, since these files are cacheable (PlayObjects
> > are not). Use kaboodle.
> For some reason I thought artsplay would just generically play anything
> arts could handle.  Now, with your suggestion, I've managed to crash
> both kaboodle and arts, for the very first time!  That's actually more
> along the lines of what I was expecting (first attempt going right?
> hah!).

mpeglibartsplay is probably what you were thinking of.

If you crashed kaboodle, I want to know how you did it, preferably with a 
backtrace. :-)

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