Questions about arts (mostly to be used in docs)

David Bishop tech at
Tue Feb 25 23:46:07 GMT 2003

> If you crashed kaboodle, I want to know how you did it, preferably with a
> backtrace. :-)

Step 1) Write piece-o-crap PlayObject, preferably one that is still in the 
debugging phase.

Step 2) Try and use it :-)

Turns out that kaboodle was only hanging because I was running artsd in gdb, 
so it wasn't able to restart another artsd (couldn't cleanup mcop files, I 
would guess).  This goes to the heart of the discussion that Stephan started, 
about avoiding workarounds, and whether a crashing app was better or worse 
than a crashing sound server.  But I have no opinion there ;-)
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