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On Thursday February 20, 2003 12:50, Roger Larsson wrote:
> On Thursday 20 February 2003 05:20, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Oh, give me a break, is kde-devel *still* full of multimedia whining? 
> > I hope it's a new thread, instead of one never-ending complain fest.
> Did you actually READ my message before replying to it?

Yes, I did.  You're talking about "the problem with arts," "how to keep 
ahead," and supporting a plan to "rm -rf arts."

Yet you don't:

1. List what you need
2. List what you need that aRts doesn't do
3. Propose one replacement
4. Show that your replacment will supply everything that aRts does provide

So I see no evidence of useful action on your part.  Hence, you aren't part 
of "we" yet.

> > Let's see some code.  All this talk of "we" this and "we" that is
> > inappropriate, as we who do the coding aren't seeing any new
> > contributions.
> Who are coding KDE multimedia today, and what are your current
> area of work?

The people I've seen active recently (so don't get mad if I missed someone, 
please :-)

Stefan Westerfeld, Matthias Kretz, Matthias Welwarsky, Nikolas Zimmerman 
and Arnold Krille have done much work in aRts and KDE implementations of 
aRts interfaces, and KDE libraries around arts

Charles Samuels and I have worked on apps and playobjects

Ewald Snel wrote the video interface and a playobject

I'd rather not see the work of all these people, including myself, 
discarded on a whim.  KDE 4 or not, the burden of proof on any replacement 
will be on the proponents of the replacement, and it will be a heavy 

> I start with myself:
>  I try to learn. And do some patches when I can improve something,
>  like "[PATCH2] libkmid and alsa" that has received no reaction from
>  others...
> > As for replacing our playobjects, I'd rather not.
> Did I suggest that? Didn't I write that arts was ahead of the
> competition? Why should something that is ahead of competition be
> replaced?

You wrote of "competing code" and "code that is not expected to use," and 
included the decoder libraries we use.  Did I misunderstand you?

> > I've been told that
> > "kaboodle sounds really nice," so that speaks well for our decoders.
> Sometimes when I insert an effect, like FREEVERB, it does not sound that
> great...

You know how to use artsbuilder with kaboodle??? Could you tell me how to 
do it?  Thanks!

(Or, how else did you hook up a filter to kaboodle?)
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