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Roger Larsson roger.larsson at skelleftea.mail.telia.com
Thu Feb 20 20:50:41 GMT 2003

On Thursday 20 February 2003 05:20, Neil Stevens wrote:
> Oh, give me a break, is kde-devel *still* full of multimedia whining?  I
> hope it's a new thread, instead of one never-ending complain fest.

Did you actually READ my message before replying to it?

> Let's see some code.  All this talk of "we" this and "we" that is
> inappropriate, as we who do the coding aren't seeing any new
> contributions.

Who are coding KDE multimedia today, and what are your current
area of work?

I start with myself:
 I try to learn. And do some patches when I can improve something,
 like "[PATCH2] libkmid and alsa" that has received no reaction from

> As for replacing our playobjects, I'd rather not. 

Did I suggest that? Didn't I write that arts was ahead of the competition?
Why should something that is ahead of competition be replaced?

> I've been told that
> "kaboodle sounds really nice," so that speaks well for our decoders.

Sometimes when I insert an effect, like FREEVERB, it does not sound that


Roger Larsson

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