kAudioCreator shuts my computer off

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Thu Dec 25 05:58:52 GMT 2003

> For some reason everytime I run KAudioCreator, it turns off my computer. I fire up the ripper, type in all the information, and run it. I go out to have a cigarette or get a sandwich and when I come back, the computer has turned itself off.
> Obviosly very confused. I did run another test last night. I put a CD in and ran the process. I am encoding to ogg. I noticed that it shut off when it had 15 songs burned, but only 4 encoded. Is it just maxing out a buffer somewhere?
> I'm not much of a linux programmer and am a little lost looking at the code. Any suggestions or advice on what to do or where to look?
  It's really strange that an user process, like CD burner and audio encoder,
could turn Your machine off.
  I'm suspecting a hardware problem: For example, is Your CPU cooler OK ?
Are You able to read the CPU temp during operation (lm_sensors etc.) ? Maybe
that ogg encoding is so CPU intensive that Your CPU overheats and the
motherboard shuts the system down automatically ?
                                        With regards, Pavel Troller

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