Which Xine to require?

Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sat Sep 7 07:32:30 BST 2002

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On Friday September 06, 2002 11:03, Ewald Snel wrote:
> [Neil Wrote:]
> > So now I wonder, should KDE go for 0.9.14 or 0.9.13?  Ewald and the
> > xine page both say that 0.9.14 is a major BIC release.  Comments?
> I'm not sure when xine 0.9.14 will be released, but I think it might be
> after KDE 3.1 (final) is released. KDE-3.1 would require a CVS copy of
> xine if we want to use the new API in that case.

OK.  0.9.13 sounds fine then.  Do you want to fix the configure check 
accordingly, or should I?

> > Ewald: Now I can say with confidence that the arts and xine_artsplug
> > parts of the patch seem to work fine.  Please commit them.  I'll test
> > and commit the kaboodle patch later today or something.
> Okay, thanks for testing the patches. I have committed them. The changes
> to VideoPlayObject should make it easier to use this interface for other
> video decoders (mpeglib).

I've made a couple minor commits you might want to look at.  I changed 
KVideoWidget to prevent it from emitting an adaptSize when it isn't 
embedding a video.  I also changed xine_artsplug not to play() on 

Now the only issues I have left are relatively minor:  I'd like 
KVideoWidget to disable its size and fullscreen KActions when not 
embedding a video, and I'd like the fullscreen widget to honor the 
accelerators for those KActions.

Oh, happy days.  Hee hee hee...  I'm thinking I should get the Xine people 
to put up a screenshot of their code running in Kaboodle: 

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