Ewald Snel ewald at rambo.its.tudelft.nl
Sun Sep 1 21:30:26 BST 2002

Hi Charles, Neil,

I've tried to fix some of the problems of the xine plugin. Here is a list of 
patches you can try which should fix the following problems.

- use Xv or XShm video output plugins (in that order, unless XShm is forced)
- only use OpenGL video output as last resort
- remove incompatible use of xine video ouput plugin API (support xine 0.9.9)
- fix Kaboodle half-, normal- and double size options
- fix Noatun SimpleUI plugin resize problems
- remove undocumented X11 communication in KVideoWidget

It should now be much easier to modify mpeglib to use the new 
Arts::VideoPlayObject interface. You only need to support x11WindowId(long), 
which selects the output (X11) window. Sending VPO_RESIZE_NOTIFY events is 

Unfortunately, these patches break the video thumbnail generator. You can 
uncomment the code in video_fifo_out.c to enable it again, but it produces 
random crashes.




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