Bug#46081: Also present in normal playlist

André Dahlqvist anedah-9 at student.luth.se
Sun Sep 1 20:16:40 BST 2002

I'm not sure if I should file a separate issue on this, or if this bug 
can cover both Hayes and the standard playlist. Anyway, this bug happens 
with the standard playlist too.

I added a directory to the playlist which had both music files and other 
files in it. I assumed noatun would be smart enough to not load other 
files than music files, but apparently it wasn't. I ended up with a HUGE 
playlist which had tons of .c, .h and other unplayable files.

André Dahlqvist <anedah-9 at student.luth.se>

(Complete bug history is available at http://bugs.kde.org/db/46/46081.html)

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