kde multimedia apps network transparency

Anders Johansson anders.johansson at bolina.hsb.se
Fri Oct 25 10:13:30 BST 2002


There seems to be a problem with the behaviour of kde multimedia apps (I've 
tried with noatun and kaboodle) when run remotely over a network.

Running "artsdsp xmms" works as intended. The remote artsdsp connects to my 
local artsd, the remote xmms loads the file and the sound streams to my local 

However, it seems when I try this with for example noatun, it won't load the 
file on the remote machine, instead it sends a command to my local arts 
daemon to load the file locally and play. This will fail, unless there 
happens to be a media file with the same path+name as on the remote machine.

This is over a telnet connection when I'm running kde+artsd locally as well, 

I like the idea of being able to have thin clients with sound capability. I 
run several computers over the xdmcp protocol, but I haven't been able to 
connect the sound daemon yet. On these machines I don't want to (can't, 
actually) run kde locally. Is there a recommended procedure for running artsd 
on such thin clients?


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