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the problem you're describing is, that the PlayObjects are started on
the server (artsd) which doesn't need to be running on the host where
noatun is running.

1. solution: mount the directories where the files you're trying to play
via NFS on the host where artsd is running (at the same location in the
directory tree).

2. solution: Take a look at kdenonbeta/arts/jitterbuffer and
kdenonbeta/arts/branch. With this you can start artsd on the same host
where noatun is running and then start artsbranch on the host where you
want to hear the sound. Currently artsbranch creates a new bus which is
connected over the network with your soundcard. It's trivial to change
that busname to out_soundcard which will give you all sounds artsd
should be playing automatically on the host where artsbranch is started.
If you have a slow connection you might be interested in
kdenonbeta/arts/gsm as well. If you start artsbranch with the -g flag
the audio stream will be compressed with GSM.
For further instructions look at the README files in those directories.

3. hack: start artsd on your host with network transparency enabled.
Start artsd on the remote host an then call
artsrec | ARTS_SERVER=<your local host's name>:<portnumber> artscat

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 11:13:30AM +0200, Anders Johansson wrote:
> Hi,
> There seems to be a problem with the behaviour of kde multimedia apps (I've 
> tried with noatun and kaboodle) when run remotely over a network.
> Running "artsdsp xmms" works as intended. The remote artsdsp connects to my 
> local artsd, the remote xmms loads the file and the sound streams to my local 
> computer.
> However, it seems when I try this with for example noatun, it won't load the 
> file on the remote machine, instead it sends a command to my local arts 
> daemon to load the file locally and play. This will fail, unless there 
> happens to be a media file with the same path+name as on the remote machine.
> This is over a telnet connection when I'm running kde+artsd locally as well, 
> btw.
> I like the idea of being able to have thin clients with sound capability. I 
> run several computers over the xdmcp protocol, but I haven't been able to 
> connect the sound daemon yet. On these machines I don't want to (can't, 
> actually) run kde locally. Is there a recommended procedure for running artsd 
> on such thin clients?
> Anders
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