Multimedia Frameworks

Peter.Q at Peter.Q at
Wed Oct 23 10:14:31 BST 2002

> The engine will also be independant of the GUI, so that if someone
> Gnome instead of KDE, they could write a new GUI and use it with the same

Sounds great.

> The engine will tell the GUI what it is capable of (including which files
it can 
> handle, which transitions it can generate, etc.) and the GUI will respond
> making those features available to the user.

Ambitious. ;-) I wonder how much sepparation is possible. Anyway, as a goal
it sounds good. Who cares if you achieve it 100%.

> But I wonder if you would be interested to see if we can join efforts on
this one?

Yes, I am. I'll check out your src and see what I can do. I have a few
sample projects that render to clips and are 100% hardcoded in C++. I want to try
and embed a KVideoWidget in you GUI and display the samples, or is that
already done? Next step, use your gui to set input strems to the samples. Next,
try some dialogs to setup the transitions (ignoring a generic IFace for now).
Then, there is a big problem. The visualization of the timeline. This is a big
problem, but maybe not in the very near future. Let's see what happens.


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