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Wed Oct 23 12:40:12 BST 2002

On Wednesday 23 Oct 2002 10:14 am, Peter.Q at wrote:
> Ambitious. ;-) I wonder how much sepparation is possible. Anyway, as a goal
> it sounds good. Who cares if you achieve it 100%.

I have been thinking about this a lot. Essentially my idea has always been 
based upon the GUI and engine running in seperate processes and communicating 
between each other.

BUT before everyone starts wailing and nashing teeth at how slow chucking 
video from one process to another would be; the plan I have is that the 
engine will display it's own video window, which will then be embedded into 
the GUI. So no video will be passed from GUI to engine, and the engine will 
be responsible for all video processing.

> > But I wonder if you would be interested to see if we can join efforts on
> > this one?
> Yes, I am. I'll check out your src and see what I can do. I have a few
> sample projects that render to clips and are 100% hardcoded in C++. I want
> to try and embed a KVideoWidget in you GUI and display the samples, or is
> that already done? Next step, use your gui to set input strems to the
> samples. Next, try some dialogs to setup the transitions (ignoring a
> generic IFace for now). Then, there is a big problem. The visualization of
> the timeline. This is a big problem, but maybe not in the very near future.
> Let's see what happens.

As far as the GUI is concerned, it is capable of putting clips into the 
timeline and moving them around at least one at a time, and in some cases 
multiple selections at a time (the code just needs finishing off to make it 
work in all cases).

As I mentioned above though, I was thinking that for seperation it makes 
better sense to put the KVideoWidget into a simple window in the engine, and 
to then control it remotely. The most difficult bit of this will be actually 
settling on the actual format of the communication.

Your welcome to comment on my grandiose schemes though :-)

There is a mailing list for Kdenlive which you might be interested in joining. 
There is one other developer, Christian Berger who is working on his own 


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