xine-artsplugin and current xine-lib

Ewald Snel ewald at
Sat Nov 23 17:36:29 GMT 2002

Hi Pavel,

> Hi!
>   I've updated xine-lib from the latest CVS and I cannot compile
> xine-artsplugin anymore, there are some API changes.
>   Is there a chance of fixing xine-artsplugin in the near future ? Is it
> possible to incorporate this into 3.1 final ? Or should I downgrade again ?
> Which version is the newest working one ?

I have just uploaded a new version for xine 1.0.0. This version should work 
with recent versions of xine CVS, no more than a few days old.

You can download it here.

>                                        With regards, Pavel Troller



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