[KDE/Mac] another round of KF5 test-building please

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 20:14:28 UTC 2016

On Sunday August 07 2016 17:38:12 Marko Käning wrote:

Hi Marko,

> > Without a backtrace I cannot say much…
> Sent that as PM to you...

I get occasional KF5 crashes that look a bit like that crash. What are you doing when this crash occurs? Evidently I cannot reproduce it, and since you didn't build Kate and/or KTextEditor with debug info (configure.optflags=-g) I can only guess what goes wrong in TabSwitcherPluginView::unregisterDocument()...

> > I can't remember why I added a Python3 dependency; it appears to be unnecessary. But if it were, there aren't many ways to force the user to chose a Python version …
> So, what are we doing there?

I deactivated the whole python variant thing, didn't I?

> I just meant that I should have repeated my installation test with the non-devel port instead, but skipped that at the time, not realising though that there isn’t a release for kf5-osx-integration yet.

Not sure when there will be either. OSX-Integration is a project of mine, and is only hosted on KDE's git server as a "scratch" project. For now and the foreseeable future I'd say.

> I see, well, as I wrote above: Let’s not offer a release port (or point the user to the devel port) if no release exists (yet).


> > Those are Linux only ports. I can make them invisible on OS X, but only by returning the error when generating the portindex. Not really elegant, but OTOH it'll make it easier to know which ports to include in an official release ;)
> Yeah, seems fine for me.

> but perhaps you advise me to try to install one or more of the excluded ports these days?! ...

In principle I have all ports installed myself, except if there are both "-devel" and regular ports of course. If we want to minimise the risk of overlooking issues like missing dependencies then yeah, I'd advise you to install everything too ...

> This time it worked to start dolphin, although it was missing all its icons still. Also Okteta I saw the warning 
> 	Icon theme "Ciment" not found.
> which is probably not surprising… I had set this before:
> 	launchctl setenv KDE_SESSION_VERSION 4

Are you launching from the commandline? You probably need to set KDE_SESSION_VERSION in the shell too, in that case.

> but also version 5 didn’t give the desired icons in the GUI...
> Well, NO icons, but at least the file system content is correct… What am I missing (again)?

Maybe you indeed do not have the Ciment theme installed? I've added a runtime dependency for port:qt5-kde on port:ciment-icons .

> I think you’ve come a long way and the number of installable ports is quite impressive by now. I figure one would need to do tests of all ports step by step and finally introduce qt5-kde to MacPorts. :-)

What do you mean, "finally" ? O:-)

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