[KDE/Mac] another round of KF5 test-building please

Marko Käning mk-lists at mailbox.org
Sat Aug 20 12:39:23 UTC 2016

Hi René,

On 17 Aug 2016, at 22:14 , René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I get occasional KF5 crashes that look a bit like that crash. What are you doing when this crash occurs? Evidently I cannot reproduce it, and since you didn't build Kate and/or KTextEditor with debug info (configure.optflags=-g) I can only guess what goes wrong in TabSwitcherPluginView::unregisterDocument()…

well, I have no idea what happened before the crash. Perhaps it makes sense to install Kate using the -g flag, you are right!

> I deactivated the whole python variant thing, didn't I?

You did? OK. :)

>> but perhaps you advise me to try to install one or more of the excluded ports these days?! ...
> In principle I have all ports installed myself, except if there are both "-devel" and regular ports of course. If we want to minimise the risk of overlooking issues like missing dependencies then yeah, I'd advise you to install everything too …

OK, I guess I’ll have to see what I get around to do next time I decide to give all these ports a new try.

> Are you launching from the commandline? You probably need to set KDE_SESSION_VERSION in the shell too, in that case.

Indeed, that was it. Dolphin then shows its icons if I run it from the command line! :)

When I tell it to edit a file though this error is shown:

	KDEInit could not launch 'kate5'

So, it can’t find kate5 properly on MacPorts as of now.

>> Well, NO icons, but at least the file system content is correct… What am I missing (again)?
> Maybe you indeed do not have the Ciment theme installed? I've added a runtime dependency for port:qt5-kde on port:ciment-icons .

I didn’t have the this port installed, but it doesn’t seem to be needed anyways.

>> I think you’ve come a long way and the number of installable ports is quite impressive by now. I figure one would need to do tests of all ports step by step and finally introduce qt5-kde to MacPorts. :-)
> What do you mean, "finally" ? O:-)

What do you mean by putting finally in quotes? O;-)

OK, let me know once you’ve updated to the latest KF5 version.


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